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FAR September Luncheon Recap

FAR September Luncheon
"Since Strangling Isn't an Option: How to Deal with Difficult People" 

Sandra Crowe
How often do you ignore negative behaviors in a co-worker, supervisor or staff person with the hope that they will just go away? Or maybe your "go to" option is to call a friend and unload about the stress you've had to endure in this situation? How many times have you wondered why the offending person didn't catch on? At FAR's luncheon on September 20, author, coach and communications expert Sandra Crowe provided insight and suggestions for how to change both how we see a difficult situation (an internal change) and how we respond to it (an external change). Focusing always on finding a good solution to the problem, Ms. Crowe shared often humorous but also realistic examples of stressful situations that demonstrated the need for awareness coupled with effective shifts in body language, verbal language and emotion that are designed to resolve a situation and help prevent its recurrence. The program included a video clip from the movie, "Anger Management," several opportunities to reflect and try out these new approaches with each other and two role plays with the assistance of FAR member Beth Berk.

FAR members may view Sandra's slides, click here.
FAR September Luncheon  Highlights

Sandra Crowe and FAR member, Beth Berk, role playing a "difficult situation."

FAR Chair, Tom Harlow, presenting gifts to Susan Medick (left) 
and  to Mindy Saffer.   Susan rolled off the FAR board August 31 
and Mindy is this year's Past Chair. 

Thank you both for your dedication to achieving great things for FAR!
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