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FAR September Flash Newsletter
FAR September Luncheon
"The Necessity of Strangers"

Alan Gregerman

Using humor and props that ranged from helicopters to IKEA shopping bags, Alan Gregerman invited FAR members on September 21 to pay more attention to the world around us when seeking innovative solutions to obstacles that prevent our organizations from moving forward. How often do we continue to look in the same places as we have in the past? Talk to the same people? Look only inside and not beyond the physical and social boundaries we've constructed to keep us safe and steady? The world beyond our staid organizations holds far more possibilities for innovation than we realize.

Did you know that the solution to making self-driving cars was found, not by engineers at a computer, but by observing the movements of fish who swim calmly, correct effortlessly and never crash? Or that early designs for the helicopter can be found in Leonardo DaVinci's sketches hundreds of years old? 

Gregerman demonstrated that, by paying attention to the world outside the experience of their key strategists, major corporations have become known as much for the enduring values they've recognized in their customers as for the products themselves. L.L .Bean's became a household word when it recognized that its customers placed high value on the guarantees for the life of the products they bought. Despite the relatively higher costs of its groceries and produce Whole Foods continues to attract customers by providing extensive product knowledge through classes and informational brochures. And IKEA, known for inexpensive furniture and less rather than more customer service, relies on its customers for valuing autonomy, empowerment and self-help above pampering and high prices. 
FAR September Luncheon...

Mindy Saffer, FAR Chair, welcoming members and guests to the FAR September Luncheon

Luncheon attendees during Alan Gregerman's presentation

FAR members Nicole Miller (Savills Studley) (left) and board member Leila Green (RTCA) during a group exercise led by Alan Gregerman.

(From left to right) FAR members Jeff Chandler (American Technology Services), Mark Edward (Hertzbach), Payam Pourkhomami (OSIbeyond), and board member Joe Stangl (Air Force Association) during one of Alan's group exercises.
FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast

Budgets and Board Presentations
Host: Hertzbach

Date: September 29, 2016
Location: Hertzbach | 1530 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700 | Arlington, VA 22209
Time: 8:30 - 9:30 am
Light breakfast refreshments will be served.

FAR October Luncheon

Registration to open soon!

Using Data Discovery to Improve Decision Making
Speakers: Tori Liu, Galina Kozachenko

Date: October 19, 2016
Location: FHI360 | 1825 Connecticut Avenue, Academy Hall | Washington, DC 20009
Time: 11:15 am - 1:30 pm

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