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FAR June Luncheon
"Communication and the Captive Audience" 

Dan Crane

As nonprofit business leaders, FAR members are expected to inform and inspire audiences via frequent individual presentations. Armed with data and timelines, the presentations may have strong content, but miss the mark in inspiring the audience - be it the Board, the staff, or the client - to take the action that seems so clear to the presenter. Dan Crane, Resident Teaching Artist from the Shakespeare Theatre Company, led members and guests through a presentation designed to demonstrate how to curate an experience that connects with an audience in ways that increase its impact. 

With examples and exercises, Mr. Crane demonstrated four fundamentals of acting that can be used to curate a memorable audience experience. In preparing a presentation consider these: the objective - what action is the audience to take; the tactic - how to present yourself; what obstacles does one have to overcome - either in the space or in the mind of the audience; and what's at stake for the audience - how will responding as you suggest help them? 

Using your space well, assuming the posture that matches your role and message, choosing powerful and specific language -- all of these help the audience to connect with the story that you hope to tell.

Dan explains how to curate a memorable audience experience.

This exercise demonstrated how adjusting the space between you and others can influence the interaction between you.

Final tips from Dan on how to tell your story and connect with your audience.
FAR June Luncheon Highlights

Mindy Saffer, FAR Past Chair, and Tom Harlow, current FAR Chair, deliver the annual member report at the last luncheon program of the year.

(L to R): Our newest nonprofit member, Dallas Pearson, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, FAR Treasurer Leila Green, RTCA, and Marc Freeman, National Business Aviation Association 

(L to R) Nina Schwartz, Aerospace Industries Association, Joe Diehl, Native American Indian Housing Council, Querry Raobelina, Greg Martinez, and Bev Chin, DC Bar, Lauren Rizzo, Cresa, and Les Irby, Rembert, Pendleton Jackson.

(L to R): Wesley Calayag, CliftonLarsonAllen, and Matt Algee, Colon Cancer Alliance.

 Networking and meeting new people in the buffet line.
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