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    July 2021

    Christine Y. Cardinal, Senior Vice President

    Mid-Atlantic Not-For-Profit Banking Group

    Capital One Bank



Our records show you’ve been a member since 2005! Thank you! Why do you value being a member of FAR?

I have enjoyed being a long time FAR member and I value both the educational content and connections made with both new and existing FAR members. I always learn and have at least one takeaway from the educational programs which cover relevant topics that impact the nonprofit sector. FAR’s programs assist me in conversations with nonprofits regarding their current challenges/issues.

What is your favorite movie?

For me, it is not just one movie but a series of films which would be the Star Wars movies. I watch them each year with my family.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Hiking, cooking, listening to live local music and skateboarding with my kids.

What services does your firm provide that can help FAR nonprofit members?

Our Not-for-Profit Banking Group has more than 50 years of combined experience helping communities grow and prosper by supporting the needs of local and national nonprofit organizations across the country. We provide a variety of banking solutions including Treasury Management, payables and receivables management, and credit services to support our clients’ financial goals. As a team that is dedicated to working with nonprofits, we are able to share ideas that benefit mission-oriented organizations.

An example of this is our recent contribution to FAR’s newsletter on 5 Tips for a Treasury Management Wellness Check for associations and nonprofits.

What lesson have you learned from the pandemic that you are implementing moving forward and would like to share?

I have learned the importance of having an online video presence as we moved to virtual meetings. It is critical to have a comfortable setting, good lighting, reliable internet, and a prepopulated background that enhances your online presence. These attributes have supported ongoing engagement with customers and other members of the nonprofit community while operating in the virtual world.

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